Wu Tang Project

This NFT is ownership of the vocals for the song Sexy Dirty Bitch. Be the first to own a piece of Wu Tang's Royal Audio Production and CreateStage collaboration. The owner of this NFT will be able to use and market this vocal version acapella as their own production, create a whole new song with some fresh beats or just enjoy the brilliance of these artists in this one of a kind, rare acapella collectable.

Be the first to own this super RARE piece of the Wu.

This is an experiment on many levels. First, as a producer Burton L has been working with Killah Priest on a very special album project for many years that includes Burton L's original music and vocals with a small Army of incredible artists including KIllah Priest and Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan. While utilizing this amazing new artist market (NFT's) we will home in on the promotional opportunities of such stunts.

Second, CreateStage, Killah Priest and Burton L have many incredible animated musical works about to drop. This is the first of us putting a big foot in the door of opportunity. So look out and forward while we nurture these works, as they will all be totally original and RARE!

Thirdly, how badass is it to be able to be the first person in history to own an NFT of this Kind?!! Incredible!!

The story of how these Artists and this song came to be is akin to many artist's first collaboration, totally random. Killah Priest and Burton L met in a bar in downtown Oakland CA. Over several hours, many drinks were had along with many shared political and life interests, they eventually moved the party back to Burton L's recording studio. As the night progressed, Burton L showed Killah Priest some of his musical works. Once the original beats for this song were played, Killah Priest got on the mic to spit some lyrical ideas and Burton pressed the record button. The next day was a bit fuzzy until Burton pressed play on the studio computer to hear this awesome collaboration of the two artists. As ruckus and absurd this songs content came to be, once the two artists re listened to the song with a clear head, it was Killah Priest's idea to involve his cousin, Ghostface Killah. As Burton L excitedly agreed he overheard Killah Priest on the phone, laughing with Ghost telling him to watch the dirtiest porno available and then write his verse. At that point Burton reached out the singer Darcy to bring a female perspective into this outrageous song. Once all the artists came through with their perspective verses, Burton L mixed this rowdy tale together and the rest is history!

The buyer of this NFT cannot re-sell the unlocked content unless they plan to NOT USE or access the UNLOCKED whole song vocal acapella. There is however the availability of up to 5 people to share this sale and the unlocked content upon approval by the original owner and creator of this NFT and its unlockable content, Burton L.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!

-The Management

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