In a world where dreams are made of sparks and metal, one welder dared to pursue his passion. He poured his heart and soul into CreateStage Fabrication, a project that promised to be his ticket to success. But when his friend and investor betrayed him, he found himself in a living nightmare. Illegally evicted, he fought tooth and nail to protect his equipment and livelihood. Forced to flee to a new home, he refused to let his dreams die. With the help of other fabricators and his own unwavering spirit, he set out to rebuild his business from the ashes. This is a story of betrayal, perseverance, and the indomitable human spirit. This is the story of a welder who refused to give up on his dreams. Warrior Welders: The Podcast

Warriors & Welders, Season 1, Episode 1, Sometimes Hindsight Is An Angry 20/20!