NFT Design & Development

If you made it this far, then you are aware of the opportunities and relative disruptions associated with NFT's. 

We believe the spectacle of multi-million dollar JPEGs is a wakeup call putting institutional players in brand interaction, customer engagement and experience design on notice. NFT is a gateway technology unlocking a universe of possibilities and CreateStage is positioned at the forefront of this movement.  We are helping early adopters get a piece of the action. 

Tech can do little to improve the lives of people without meaningful application. Today we are developing the building blocks for an NFT product mix that extends the smart contracts, including collaborative invention, publishing, futures ownership, gamification, and the value of personal connections.

NFT Design

Artists have a new voice through NFT's and CreateStage is here to turn that voice into a captivating asset.

Now marketing opportunities are opportunity to attach any digital creative asset (our job) to the Block Chain while marketing your physical artwork, vinyl, music or any other creative asset you are trying to sell.
Your NFT (non fungible token) is a digital representation that tells a story of you as an artist that is sold on the Block Chain

NFT Development

You send us your digital assets including your logo, music, videos and the medium in which your art resides in. We custom tailor a short animated video that is then minted and sold on the Block Chain.

Through a process called story boarding, we create a rough draft of how your assets will fit into their new 3D animated skin and what story they will tell. Once you approve the story board, we design the animation loop which is then minted as an NFT for you to market and sell on the Block Chain.

CreateStage has been producing mix media productions for over 10 years. We have the experience to direct you and your creative assets to tell your story for a one of a kind rare collectable = NFT.

Future Projects

Please contact us for a quote.

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