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Fully-Integrated Design and Fabrication Studio


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CAD - CNC - C4D - Houdini

3D is our wheelhouse but it all starts with pen and paper.

Concept Design

Motion Design

Concept Development

Activation Planning

2D + 3D Visualization

Graphic Design

Schematic Design

Brand Development


Theme Design


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Steel - Filament - Class A

If we use it, we build it, mod it and fix it.

Build + Fabrication

Functional Prototyping

SPFX + Lighting Integration

Logic + Interactives Programming

Mechanical Engineering

Metal Fabrication

CNC Sheet Metal Forming




Powder Coating

Laser Cutting

Digital Fabrication

3D Scanning

3D Printing

3D Sculpting

CNC Milling

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC + Robotics Programming

3D Mesh + Surface Modelling

3D CAD + Solid Modeling

3D Structural Simulation

Class - A Amp and Microphone Preamp

Custom 500 Series Fabrication

500 Series Modification

Guitar Amp Modification

Amp Repair

Synthesizer Repair

500 Series Repair


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Music - Movables - Regenerate

Simple, Practical, Reliable Solutions


Custom steel structures with reclaimed wood options. Unless specifically requested, all furniture products are heavy robust shop ready movables that are designed to complement your home décor.

Welding Desk

Bedside Table

Side Table

Coffee Table

Gorilla Dollie

3 Step Table

Music Production and Recording

24 Channel Modified UA Apollo I.O.

Audio Recording



Music Production

Session Musicians & Producers


Mix Consultation

Songwriting Development

Music Chart Writing and Arranging

CreateStage Studio ACreateStage FabricationCreateStage Audio Control RoomCreateStage 50 Ton PressCreateStage Steel StockCreate Stage Refurbished Clausing Drill PressCreateStage Contro RoomCustom Frame for Sound Baffle ScreenLola API Clone Build 2Lola API Clone Build 1New 500 Series Kits ready for salePrimary Logo CNC cut out projector align Rat Guitar Pedal ModPrimary NIght Club BuildCreateStage Custom BracketsCreateStage Gorilla Welding Desk FrameLegs for Gorilla Welding DeskCreateStage Gorilla Welding Desk in actionCreateStage Gorilla Welding Desk FabricationWelder Wayne in his bad ass Miller Helmet CreateStage Studio B Fabrication CreateStage Lounge CreateStage Control Room AWhen Projects Clash, Sound Baffle in the middle of a live broadcast Rainbow over CreateStage StudiosKillah Priest and Burton L in the green screen roomCreateStage Logo Design for TravelbeeCreateStage Furniture Design 1CreateStage Furniture Design 2CreateStage Furniture Design 3CreateStage Furniture Design 4CreateStage Furniture Design 5CreateStage Furniture Design 6CreateStage Furniture Design 7CreateStage Furniture Design 8

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